Mabbatt is a versatile, Melbourne-based artist working in a number of different styles. Her paintings and drawings are often subversive, occasionally controversial and always have a story to tell.

Drawing inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic 1960’s pop art, Mabbatt combines images from 1950’s and 1960’s romance comics with observations about life and love in the 21st century. Using acrylic and texta on canvas, the images are bold, beautiful and easy to live with, while also humorous and subversive. The paintings are often described by purchasers as ‘conversation starters’!

Heavily influenced by the highly decorative interior and flowing lines of Matisse, Mabbatt indulges her love of beauty for its own sake. Working in a variety of mediums, Mabbatt celebrates the natural grace of the human form. Her goal is to transform naked men and women into iconic nudes set in wildly ornamental surroundings, producing work that is quite simply decadent.

Further exploring her love of highly decorative, colourful interiors, Mabbatt asks you to provide photos of your favourite possessions – the possessions you would want with you on a desert island. Using acrylic on canvas, Mabbatt throws the images together in a celebration of your personality and life, slipping a partly hidden portrait of you into the colourful, chaotic mix of your favourite things.
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